1/9/2019 0 Comments Ten days into our Baja Divide tour. Canyon descents with boulders the size of car tires strewn along either side of jeep tracks had me imagining dangerous raging rivers after a storm. The wet season would render much of the route unrideable and probably pretty frightening. The Baja Divide, done. And within Baja California, La Paz is my favourite spot. A 1700 mile bikepacking route mainly following dirt … The Baja Divide section we rode backwards from Vicente Guerrero to Rancho Meling, and lastly, the ride from El Coyote to Mike’s Sky Ranch, also not on the Baja Divide. Our poor bikes, they were tossed in with the cargo below the bus. In January 2017, Topanga Creek's Chris Kelly embarked on an amazing bikepacking journey through the Baja California Peninsula, Mexico, on a ride called the Baja Divide.Baja Divide was researched and organized by two wonderful souls - Nicholas Carman and Lael Wilcox. It has been quite an adventure. Nine months since crossing the border at Tecate and committing to a route project in Baja California, MX, the Baja Divide is done! The Baja Divide is a rugged 2735km off-pavement bikepacking route from San Diego to Mexico. Baja Divide. Baja California is one of my favourite places in Mexico (said by the girl who’s visited nearly half of Mexico’s states). https://www.spinlister.com/blog/baja-divide-bike-ride-mexico-wilderness Dates: February 14th - 20th 2019 Country: Mexico Distance: 309 km Number of riding days: 6 Wildlife highlights: roadrunners, playful dolphins and a bobcat Link to photos Trip Report- February 22nd 2019, by Adam and Julie -The Baja Divide is a dirt-road bikepacking route that runs the entire length of the Baja Peninsula. What is the Baja Divide? I first visited a couple of years ago and on this return trip to the Baja peninsula, it was the promise of La Paz that helped me push on through the long desert drive. We leave San Diego quite late in the morning, it is the starting point for the Baja Divide Route which will take us to Mexico and all the way across the peninsula of Baja California to La Paz in the next seven weeks. The Baja Divide was a rugged 1,700km bike-packing ride, using a combination of paved and unpaved roads and tracks, down the Baja California peninsula, from San Diego, California, USA to La Paz, Mexico.. Good things—our bikes no longer looked new and we gained more experience in bicycle repair (like adjusting deraileurs). BLOG. We decided […] If you are planning on doing it, there is a wealth of free information on their website: https://bajadivide.com.The creators of the route are Nick Carman and Lael Wilcox.They have provided a comprehensive Route Guide as well as as a resupply chart. Enter your email address to subscribe to The Redheaded Nomad's blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. 4 hour blog, baja divide, bikepacking, cycling the Oregon coast, grohmann #3 review, karate monkey, outside, surly The last of the cars off the ferry disappeared into the night leaving me on a pitch black hwy with nothing but the sounds of night. From San Diego, CA, USA to San Jose del Cabo and back to La Paz, BCS, MX, the route is 1700 miles (2735 km) long with 92,000 feet (28,000 m) of climbing and is expected to take about six weeks to complete. To begin the story... the bus ride to Mulege. It takes around 42 days to complete and has a difficulty rating of 7.5/10 because the roads are 95% unpaved so its not recommended for inexperienced riders. The Baja Divide is not a route that we created… it is one that we followed – and really enjoyed! The Baja Divide website states the best time to ride the route is between November and March. Posts about Baja Divide written by theredheadednomad.com.

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