I love the texture on the walls and how the art is layered in front of the textured wall. Our family room has seen many changes over the last 9 years. Calm is a soft gray hue that compliments many styles and palettes. Hello friends and sorry about the radio silence last week! Using your nail gun, secure the board to the wall. Some also showed 15″ squares, which seems too small. Dec 30, 2020 - Explore Jeff Naffziger's board "Board & Batten Accent Wall Ideas" on Pinterest. https://www.remodelaholic.com/board-and-batten-spacing-tutorial If I selected a darker hue, I would have done 2 coats of primer. Step 1: Install Board and Batten For our design we decided to keep our existing trim on the wall, add a piece of trim flush to the left and right corner and one to where the top of the wall where it … Since I’ve been asked so many questions about how we did it and what we used, I thought I’d share the process here. After much debate, a few years worth in fact I finally pulled the trigger on a square board and batten grid wall. Board and Batten Grid Wall Tutorial. Altogether, the materials we used cost us about $200. This gives the best support. Each 1×2 board is actually 1.5″ wide (don’t ask me why this is the case – I believe it’s from saw blade width, but EVERY 1×2 is only 1.5″ wide, 1×3’s are actually 2.5″ wide, etc). ( Log Out /  ( Log Out /  https://bynicolerobin.com/2020/06/12/our-diy-board-and-batten-grid-wall I know, the couch doesn’t make it any less awkward – but we’re still on the hunt for a better seating solution and have focused our time (and budget) on other areas of the house. Who is the artist that did the two paintings? White Kitchen Design Plan With An Earthy Coastal Vibe, Small Space, Big Impact: The Right Furnishings Make A Difference, « Your Favorite Bloggers Take on This Years Design Trends, 10 Podcasts You Will Love Through This Social Hiatus », https://www.etsy.com/shop/DanHobdayArt?ref=simple-shop-header-name&listing_id=677562296. https://cityfarmhouse.com/2020/03/batten-board-square-grid-wall.html After I completed those painting tasks, Jason and I sought to tackle the board and batten grid accent wall. Make sure you’re putting it into the wall … There was the possibility of wallpaper, a bold pop of color, a block print or a batten board treatment. We didn’t worry about cutting the edges because we knew the moulding would give us coverage. This will be likely be your longest board. We’re so happy with how the wall turned out – it completely elevated the whole space. This error message is only visible to WordPress admins, Candlelight Christmas Mantle With Leather Wrapped Candles, Budget Friendly Cozy Coastal Inspired Fall Porch. After our most recent house misfortunes that I discussed two weeks ago, I … Find Your Studs. eVERY THING LOOKS GREAT. Change ). After the frame was done, we installed the vertical pieces first before creating a line with the laser level to install the horizontal pieces. Then we continued to install the top and bottom pieces to create a frame around the wall. If I had known the shipping would have taken 8 weeks, I probably would have opted for curb side pick up… Hindsight is 2020 – but we were amid a pandemic, so I’m not going to complain about that too much. In my mind these things always seems so easy. The horizontal lengths were installed next. ( Log Out /  What I learned is that it’s best to lined it out with painters tape. There are many types of batten board so choosing one that complimented the traditional mantle was important. I eventually bought all the wood, started cutting and nailing the chair rail and batten pieces to the wall then quickly got frustrated. I’m Jen, the creative director and founder of the NY based lifestyle blog, City Farmhouse. The dining, lounging and bar area all felt super disconnected. The first step was measuring the wall. After priming those joints, we applied the paintable trim sealant/caulk to all of the areas where the moulding met the drywall (inside each square, at the ceiling and at both sides. … You got a lot of bang for the buck. Doing a feature wall like this is a great way to add character and impact to the space without a huge hit to the budget. […] can find the tutorial for the Batten Board Wall […]. I am already thinking about it for our bathroom. Snap Chalk Line. Price will vary depending on the size of your space, but if you can DIY it–DO IT! ( Log Out /  We figured since we were both home in quarantine, it would be a great time to finally tackle the project. Because the MDF was pre-primed, it only took two coats of paint on the trim to finish off the project. They are just lovely. Install new baseboard. The tricky part was deciding on how many rows. After we had all of the pieces installed, we used wood filler to fill all of the joints and nail holes. It’s Dan Hobday! Board and batten is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to makeover a room. Taping out from the center with 5 rows our squares ultimately became 17.75″. I love the new look – just lovely! Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. July 18, 2018. The top, bottom and sides were framed out first with 2″ MDF strips, 1/4″ thick. I knew I couldn’t convince Matt to paint the whole kitchen white – but I knew I could convince him to do something to this space if he was able to use his power tools. After we took the baseboards off, we primed and painted the wall. As much as refinishing the stairs improved the staircase, the walls still needed to be repainted and I really wanted to add a wall treatment. I used one coat of Benjamin Moore primer. If you are trying to find the perfect I scoured … The Young Professional – The Look For Less, Behr Premium Plus Interior Flat Latex Paint – Ultra Pure White, LePage PL 200 Drywall & Paneling Construction Adhesive, DAP Alex Flex Premium Moulding & Trim Caulking (Paintable White), The Best of IKEA: Storage Solutions for an Organized Home, Brad Nailer & Air Compressor ( though I’ve seen lots of posts where people have used this, Paint rollers, brushes, painters tape & other painting supplies. I believe home design should feel personal and tell a story through the layers that evolve over time. Then it was onto the color. City Farmhouse and Co. Fall Sale-Our Biggest Pillow Sale Yet! The presence and spacing of the horizontal board can vary. Because our house is tall and narrow, our main floor layout is a little awkward. I am an author, maker, style expert, designer, artist, photographer + influencer. Have you done something similar? It was only until I had a visual I was able to make a concrete choice. During the second week of lockdown, Matt and I ordered all of the materials we’d need to create the board & batten grid wall from Home Depot. Board and Batten Wall Accent Ideas. With 3 squares, we need 4 vertical boards for our wall. https://www.etsy.com/shop/DanHobdayArt?ref=simple-shop-header-name&listing_id=677562296 Thank you!! Measure the length of your wall and cut the 1×4 to size using a miter saw. My blog emphasizes that a beautiful space can be achieved on any budget through thoughtful planning, resourcefulness and a little DIY. Ideally, you will nail your wood directly into your studs. You all voted on Instagram and the winner was Calm by Benjamin Moore. I gave it 2 good coats. yOU MUST HAVE A DOUBLE MATH MAJOR. I am an author, maker, style expert, designer, artist, photographer + influencer. I’m happy … When I decided to make the large wall behind the fireplace a focal point I was flooded with ideas. Plan your board and batten wall. Our next step was to remove the baseboard – this isn’t something you have to do, but I wanted all the moulding on the wall to be the same height. Before you jump right into installing your board and batten wall, you … The latest being a batten board wall that was just recently installed. What do you think? But in the DIY world, it’s very common to forgo the flat board and install the battens directly to the existing wall. Ha! My choices were an earthy green, white or warm, pale gray. Have you wanted to tackle a project like this around your home? Wow! With just a few materials and tools even a novice DIY’er can transform a room over a weekend. Primed MDF Moulding $39.99/pack | Elmer’s Interior Wood Filler $10.57 | Zinsser Bulls Eye Primer $29.97 | Behr Premium Plus Interior Flat Latex Paint – Ultra Pure White $38.97| LePage PL 200 Drywall & Paneling Construction Adhesive $10.47 | DAP Alex Flex Premium Moulding & Trim Caulking (Paintable White) $4.47. https://lifeonvirginiastreet.com/tutorial-board-and-batten-grid-html Instead of working on a blog post last weekend, I decided to tackle a home project that we’ve been meaning to do for weeks. It was bid at $2,500–and that’s on the low end. 1/8″ White … All in it cost around $100. The pillows are from my shop City Farmhouse and Co. From right to left you have Carmela, Napa, Duryea and Cambria. After the wall was painted, we installed the two vertical end pieces first using the laser level to ensure they were installed square. Once we did that the measurements for each square fell into place. I believe home design should feel personal and tell a story through the layers that evolve over time. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Start with the top horizontal board, running parallel against the ceiling. The vertical boards … you are so talented to be able to create such a beautiful wall in your beautiful home. Full wall paneling, in a grid pattern … You gave me an idea for a wall in my family room that needs a textured wall – thankS! While there are so many different wall treatments out there that I love, board and batten … October 14, 2016 . Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Put liquid nails on backer board, place on wall, and nail on outside edges (so that … This board & batten project costs us $300. My blog emphasizes that a beautiful space can be achieved on any budget through thoughtful planning, resourcefulness and a little DIY. (BEAUTIFUL). Hello and happy Friday everyone! I made this graphic to show you the measurements on 5 horizontal rows running vertical on a 9 ft ceiling. We bought all the materials needed to complete the wall and got to work. … certainly adds something to your room! Make sure this account has posts available on instagram.com. For textured walls, skim drywall … THank you Olivia!Stay Safe & healthy! It is very similar to Classic Gray. I scoured Pinterest, some walls had 22″ squares which would have given me 4 rows, that didn’t look right. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Shop my brand-new pillow collection at Shop City Farmhouse! Board and Batten Grid Feature Wall Reveal. Jen. 500+ Board & Batten walls ideas | batten, home, house design Even though we did it three weeks after I went back to work and spent the better part of a weekend doing it, I’m happy that we put some time into the space because it is incredible how different the whole space feels now. Hi & welcome to my blog! Living a Modern Country Life One Project at a Time. Ever since moving into this house, I’ve hated the 19 foot long boring wall across from our kitchen. https://lovegrowswild.com/2015/02/board-and-batten-tutorial Snap a chalk line at desired height. With this tutorial you will learn how to add texture and dimension with MDF to create beautiful Grid Board and Batten. https://www.thewoodgraincottage.com/grid-board-batten-in-the-office That’s when I decided to reel him in and convince him to do a board and batten grid feature wall to add some depth to this space. Materials. Then came the vertical strips, which was a little more tedious. Since I use AutoCAD for my job and design work – figuring out the spacing and making our plan was easy. Before & After, Budget Decorating, diy, Project Gallery, tutorials. As I promised in my One Room Challenge update yesterday I am back to share the tutorial on the board and batten grid wall … The project took the better part of the weekend, but a lot of that was also drying time between filling, priming, caulking and painting as well. See more ideas about home, accent wall, wall paneling. Because of the length of the wall, I preferred the look of larger squares (28 x 28ish) because I felt anything smaller would look too busy. hope your squirrel problem has been resolved! Most of the space is taken up by the kitchen and a big 9 foot island that we love, but the rest of the space always just felt like a weird afterthought. The tape was 2″ and so was the MDF strips. True board and batten is comprised of a flat, smooth board with battens over it to make a grid. I’m Jen, the creative director and founder of the NY based lifestyle blog, City Farmhouse. Once the wall was all installed it was time to caulk. Back to the wall though – as you can see in the before picture below – it’s just bland. I didn’t want to hang any art because we’re still working on the furniture layout. They were secured with Titebond Premium Wood Glue and 23 gauge pins nails in a pneumatic nailer. This was the hardest part believe it or not. So for us, we multiply 4 (boards) X 1.5″ (board width) to get 6″ of wall space that the boards … This is one of the best additions to your home i’ve seen! After the wood filler dried, we sanded down all of those areas (the worst part of the whole process) then primed them. The MDF really soaks up the paint.

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