Don't forget that you either have to mask the bicycle (including front chainring) or, what's much easier, just remove the chain from the bicycle before the whole procedure. Cleaning a chain is a simple, straight forward process and critical first step in waxing a chain. Does archaeological evidence show that Nazareth wasn't inhabited during Jesus's lifetime? How do I paint a chain without ruining it? _gaq.push(['_setAccount', 'UA-45765391-1']); odourless mineral spirits) is a great choice – closing the lid and then shaking it. You don't want it on and inside the chain or it will act as a thinner to reduce the life of your lube when you put it on. The home brew chain lube is 3-4 parts OMS and one part oil, … This means the chain should be cleaned of grit before oiling, and because this is practically impossible without submerging the chain in solvent (kerosene, commercial solvent, or paint thinner), it must be taken off the bicycle. Remove and wipe chain after final mineral spirits bath, empty used mineral spirits, wipe container and lid clean with paper towels, Place chain in container, cover with denatured alcohol, shake for one minute, remove chain and wipe clean (use new rag so chain isn't contaminated by mineral spirits from wiping chain in previous steps), Clean container and lid. Apply as many coats as necessary, Paint one side of sheet metal used for chain links. First of all, grease the chain properly, especially the moving parts. Removing spray paint to reveal frame's factory paint job. Automate the Boring Stuff Chapter 8 Sandwich Maker. The chain and drivetrain of your bike are the parts most exposed to moisture, dirt, dust, debris, grit, grime and several other nasty things that can significantly shorter their lifespan and performance. Note: turn container upside down during final cleaning with paper towels to facilitate removing any remaining filings or debris from bottom of container, Repeat alcohol bath (alcohol bath #2), shaking for one minute, Remove chain, wipe aggressively with rag, hang to dry for a minimum of 15 minutes before waxing. Operating the pedals backwards moves the chain through the cleaner where gears and brushes combine to give the chain a thorough scrubbing. Posted 8 years ago Bike chain clean with Varsol (aka paint thinner)? The name stands for “water displacement” with the 40 referencing the number of attempts it took to create. First off, some sound advice: If your chain is old and grimy (you know the type, the winter chain that's oiled frequently but never cleaned), go easy on yourself and try waxing the first time with a new chain that’s a snap to clean. Kept my original sentiment, but provided what I think the answer is. Safety first: keep flame or spark away from solvent, //

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