cheers, Gordon River is a locality in British Columbia. In 1991 with my uncles. Rayonier Canada decided to sell there western Canadian division. The rivers were chanting, the trees were buzzing with energy and the entire forest had much more control of my life than I did. We headed out from home to Port Renfrew then made our way "upstream". Nice country, you use any special map for the island? #19 by Matt on November 13, 2019 - 12:16 am. The ceiling opens up at times so that you can walk hunched over but mostly it is a combination of crawling and squirming to move through the cave- until you reach  a sump. For more angling opportunity we fish the Gordon River, Harris Creek and Caycuse River. You think there is no where left to explore, until you look up. Once there, you get to do a few handstands and other random twisting movements through windy narrow tunnels, until finally reaching an open room which contains some cool stalactites. This majestic coastal river ecosystem is of a scale one is more accustomed to seeing on the mainland. Thanks for the interesting stories & Pics I was just wondering if the logging roads where on GPS…. 2013 Kayak Session Short Film of the year Awards - Winners Reel - Duration: 13:29. I spoke with a retired truck driver, he told me that it is short drive on Tr6. Take more pics if you go I’d love to see them. Vancouver Island new listings and properies for sale updated several times a day. cheers. This one summer we were camping in dads 1968 Ford pickup and we broke a front shock We limped the truck to Caycuse Logging camp. Upper and Middle Gordon River, Vancouver Island, Canada - Duration: 5:13. He has a lifetime’s experience of kayaking in all its forms and well over thirty years coaching sea kayaking at the highest level. Valley: Gordon River Valley, Port Renfrew area, Vancouver Island Since coming to power, the NDP government has so far continued with the destructive status quo of massive old-growth forest liquidation. You also look out for a pit or large drop in the ground, and ‘Devil’s Club’, a thorny stick of a plant that seems to grow abundantly near caves and leaves some uncomfortable prickles if you happen to accidentally grab a hold of some. You smell moss and soil, but hear nothing but the steady and calming drips of water. Last week my son and I headed out to explore a bit of the Gordon River watershed. This is the first bridge across the river, near… #24 by Matt on November 14, 2019 - 10:13 am. This 4 bed, 2 bath single family house is offered for sale at $1,288,000 in Campbell River. In Canada. Access: Go to Cowichan Lake, west of… The GPS helped. This beautiful island is home to the largest concentration of caves in Canada, with over 1000 caves recorded and surely many more yet to be discovered. Vancouver Island (Region 1) This table refers to fishing for salmon only. The island has a population of over 750,000 people and is surrounded by the Salish Sea to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. Vancouver Island is located on the Pacific Coast in the southwestern portion of the province, just off the mainland. By pressing your back along one side and feet along the other side of the chimney you can suspend yourself in this vertical tunnel and slowly inch your way up to a second level in the cave. Explore Vancouver Island Free Daily. We found the access road on the north side of the river to be choked with alders. At that moment, more than ever, I could feel the forest come alive. This road starts at the site of the old Gordon River logging camp, which at its peak (1950?) That section in above picture had around 50-60 growth rings. The Gordon river is Located on southern Vancouver Island near the Town of Port Renfrew on the west coast. If not, I still want to go check it out, #14 by albell on April 15, 2012 - 9:04 am. I’ll edit the post and include them. - … Eventually, we made it to an old decommissioned logging road and followed it downhill until we eventually reached a current logging road and somehow connected with our friends who were driving around on the roads looking for us! Unfortunately, we got lost trying to get back out of the forest and back to camp. ), the opportunity to experience this magical rainforest at night with only my senses and a headlamp was priceless! From Duncan: By paved road via Lake Cowichan (turn south at the community of Mesachie Lake). It is named that for the stream rushing through the rather large entrance etched into the side of a rock wall. . This is the first bridge across the river, near Port Renfrew. Until 1984. thanks for the trip report … no pictures of airplanes or con-trails ??? There is a limit to the amount in cache, but usually good enough. Imagine wandering freely through a rainforest buzzing with energy and wisdom that no human can contain. My dad worked briefly at The BCFP Youbou Sawmill Division. Needless to say, after driving on logging roads for a while you will find yourself passing clear cut after clear cut as seems to be the norm in B.C. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Now what you see is second growth, Doug Fir, Hemlock, some small cedars. Aunt Elsie. was one of the biggest camps on the island (google map ref). Please enter your username or email address. Gordon River is a stream in British Columbia. The Gordon River is an extensive river system on the southern tip of Vancouver Island that contains multiple sections of high quality whitewater. Another cave I explored is called Stream. Nearby communities include: Honeymoon Bay, Cowichan Lake, Youbou, Duncan, Victoria. You can drive to Port Renfrew via paved roads from the Victoria and Duncan areas. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. It was in this cave that I first encountered cave crickets and spiders. In this beautiful ecosystem, you are a guest. The other cave is called Banana Split, and starts off as a small hole in the rock wall of the pit. We ended up at a spot in a recently logged area, about 50 meters below where the snow started. Saw elk tracks though. June 2015. The Karst rainforests on Vancouver Island are beautifully unique and fragile ecosystems. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. I recently decided that I was going to do at least one thing a month that pushes me out of my comfort zone. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Green white orange colour trucks, #22 by albell on November 13, 2019 - 10:11 pm. The San Juan River, flowing into the Pacific Ocean on the southwest coast of Vancouver Island, feels different than most island rivers. It would have been mostly Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar, big trees. Maybe it was the old pics or text somewhere that I got the idea the Gordon camp was the largest. Went up Tr4. Forest recreation map from 1990’s very detailed. Port Renfrew is a community on the west coast of Vancouver Island, located about a 2-hour drive west of Victoria, BC. Gordon River… Upper and Middle. Vancouver Island has beaches, world-famous trails, picturesque towns, and an award-winning ski resort. This beautiful island is home to the largest concentration of caves in Canada, with over 1000 caves recorded and surely many more yet to be discovered. I tell you. With temperatures hovering around 12 degrees Celsius it proved to be a good day to attempt a motorcycle ride from Honeymoon Bay to Port Renfrew via the Gordon River Forest Service Road (FSR). Camping at the Darling River campsite. The cave spiders are particularly interesting because they are rather large (similar to daddy long legs) and live in groups. Canada. . Vancouver Island new listings and properies for sale updated several times a day. Had an old hand held GPS with us and recorded coords of campsites. According to Campbell River fire chief Thomas Doherty, crews were called to the 3700-block of the South Island Highway at 3:36 a.m. and found a single-story home engulfed in flames.

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