He kind of has no personality but I guess is similar to Junior. - Pilot Larry Koopa is often the main protagonist of Bowser's Koopalings, as well as being the youngest of Bowser's adopted children. Larry Koopa is the one of the Koopalings from Mario franchise. Super Mario Chie Asobi Ehon ④ Larry No Itazura (Super Mario Wisdom Games Picture Book ④ Larry's Mischief) showed that he was personally able to comb them into the typical cockscomb, and both Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam as well as Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions showed him fixing his hair even during battles. The fight is very simple and has no obstacle. Super Mario Bros. 3 2. Larry personally it's what do you expect: like a Larry, which means on the normcore, not standing out and being the one who gets in the game last and who goes out the first. Larry is requited after the player defeats him in the Beanbean Fields, and he seems to be the most respectful to Captain Goomba and his squad and the most willing to join out of all the Koopalings, although he strongly dislikes taking orders from a Goomba. In the cartoons, he was Cheatsy Koopa who calls himself "the emperor of eavesdropping". He is also mentioned briefly by Roy and Wendy shortly before they fought the Mario Bros., where they tried to call him in to aid them in beating them up, though he failed to show (with Wendy later blaming Larry for this when they were defeated). In Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga he has the same stats as Iggy and uses the same technique of spinning around at extreme speeds in order to make his foes dizzy. On Chocolate Island, he, alongside Lemmy, Wendy, Ludwig, Morton, and Roy, ambushed Mario and Luigi at a fortress. Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam also implies he may have an interest in video games as Roy, after he and Wendy fail to get Larry to help them, says that he is "probably off playing video games or something." Larry survives the encounter, and rejoins his comrades at Bowser's castle, where they attempt to petrify Mario with their Koopa Clown Car's petrification device. Video Games Koopalings Larry Roy Wendy Iggy ... My first quiz but with better questions. He alongside Lemmy successfully escaped amidst the chaos caused by Bowser's Castle relocating itself and Bowser growing giant to fight the castle, although they were forced to leave Wendy behind. Disregard the removed head sprites. I don't own the artwork in this video, it is by various very talented artists. He is fought in the tower and castle in order to reach World 2. In battle, he now has 980 HP, 160 POW, 137 DEF, 88 SPD and 850 EXP. This is Cheatsy's last animation appearance. The unused sprites of Larry that are found in the Super Princess Peach game coding. he have cream belly and muzzle, green head, a star tattoo in the back of his head, blue eyes, spiky tall blue hair, spiked black wristbands and big feet. In Bowser Jr.'s Journey, he was also shown to be very defensive towards Morton, as when Bowser Jr. was chewing him out for "stealing" his glory, Larry Koopa cut in and began shouting at Bowser Jr. and telling him off regarding his behavior to Morton. He also eavesdrops on a conversation between Mario and Yoshi in "The Yoshi Shuffle". On the next turn, the conductor of the Sunset Express attempts to chase the Shy Guy out of the cabin, while Larry sends minions to hit him. He is usually the weakest of the group due to him being faced in battle before the others in most games. Just like in the previous game, his attacks and statistics are identical to Bowser Jr.'s, though he is referred to by his own name by the announcer and has his own voice clips. Unlike in New Super Mario Bros. 2, Larry's defeated voice clip is same as the one from the Fortress in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, rather than that of the Castle. In the Sega fun house series , he divorced Amy and is drunk , barely taking care of his son In the Sonic Series , He is Happy and full of energy Just For Fun Personality Iggy Koopa Larry Koopa Roy Koopa ... Lemmy Koopa Ludwig Von Koopa Wendy Koopa Morton Koopa Jr The Koopalings Report Add to library 6 Larry Koopa's pose with the wand when he's idle, note how he's holding the wand in his right hand. In battle, he spits fireballs (similar to the other Koopalings), bouncing them back with his tennis racket. This fight against him is thought to be his best one so far. This fight with Larry is believed to be his second best, after his fight from Super Mario World. "~ Larry Koopa Larry Koopa is the youngest of the Koopalings if not counting Bowser Jr. Interestingly, in battles, Larry always fixes his hair after either getting hit by attacks from the Mario Bros., or by attacking or even moving (the latter seen in Minion Quest: The Search for Bowser). Cheatsy and Kooky eventually have to make more as the old potion's effects wear off. His trophy in the English version claims that he is the leader of the Koopalings. Larry is a kleptomaniac. In Dinosaur Dilemma, if Mario and Yoshi decide to hide from Bowser in the kitchen while snooping around his Dinosaur Island Castle, Larry (incorrectly described as having red and blue hair) sneaks up on the two, and steals several coins out of Mario's pocket before dumping a large pan of sticky, uncooked dough on him and Yoshi, trapping them. LikeLudwig, Larry has blue hair, albeit a lighter color and in a different style, resembling a cockscomb. He was always obscured by the drapes, however, leaving him unable to be seen, and he only revealed he was the VIP in question just before the boss fight. He is traditionally the seventh and final Koopaling fought in most Mario games, with a few exceptions such as Super Mario World or Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. [2] Later he was defeated by Mario/Luigi who took the wand and returned it to the king. When winning a medal, Larry also felt that his horse should at least get something for his hard work, and implies that he intends to get the horse carrots as his way of thanking it. In New Super Mario Bros. Wii the only magic he can perform with his wand is to make a low heated blue fire ball. In volume 41 of Super Mario-Kun, Larry was accused of being a flirt by Blue Toad, as he and his brother caught Larry for hitting on their mother. 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