Aired 7:30-8a ET, Soon: Army Officer Who Heard Trump's Ukraine Call To Testify; House To Vote Thursday On Formalizing Impeachment Inquiry; Lt. Col. Vindman's Testimony To Contradict Amb. Aired 6-6:30a ET, Lawyer: 2nd Whistle-Blower Comes Forward on Trump's Actions; U.S. Military Pulling Out of Syria Near Turkey's Border; Biden Grappling with Trump and Rising Warren Threat. Aired 8-8:30a ET, New CNN National Poll Released; House Managers Begin Arguments Today; McConnell Pushed to Change Rules; Aired 6:30-7a ET, McConnell Pushed to Change Rules; New Documents Released from OMB; Biden and Sanders Lead in Poll. Aired 7:30-8a ET, U.S. 6:30-7a ET, Economy Lost 701,000 Jobs in March; Answers to your Coronavirus Questions. Aired 8:30-9a ET, Trump Administration Rejects CDC Guidelines To Reopen U.S.; Healthcare Workers On The Pandemic's Mental Toll; Leading Scientist Says, Virus Vaccine Not Likely This Year. Aired 6-6:30a ET, Gunman Kills Two in Texas Church; Five Stabbed at Hanukkah Celebration; Anti-Semitic Violence Across America; Mulvaney's Role in Ukraine Aid. Aired 7:30-8a ET, Trump Goes Forward With Rally As Oklahoma Sets Virus Record; Several States Set Record-High New Coronavirus Cases; John Bolton Makes Bombshell Allegations Against Trump. WHERE: CNBC's "Squawk Box" Following is the unofficial transcript of a CNBC EXCLUSIVE interview with Gilead Sciences Chairman & CEO Daniel O'Day … Aired 8-8:30a ET, GM Strike Leaves Ohio Plant Behind; Boeing CEO Faces Lawmakers; AT&T to Unveil HBO Max; California Gripped by Wildfires; Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) is Interviewed on the Impeachment Inquiry. Aired 8:30-9a ET, Boris Johnson to Become New British Prime Minister Tomorrow; Robert Mueller Will Testify Tomorrow; Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) Interviewed on Democrats' Preparations for Upcoming Testimony of Robert Mueller before Congress. Aired 8:30-9a ET, Democrats Build Abuse of Power Case Against Trump; Sen. Rand Paul Demands Media Reveal Whistle-Blower's Identity; Elections in U.S. Test Voter Enthusiasm Ahead of 2020. Aired 8:30-9a ET, Biden Inherits Non-existent Vaccine Plan from Trump Admin; U.S. Army Says Michael Flynn's Brother was Part of Capitol Insurrection Response; Youngest Inaugural Poet Captivates Nation with Her Words. Aired 8:30-9a ET, Pandemic Worsens In U.S, Hospitals Desperate For Supplies; Senate Democrats Block $2 Trillion Stimulus Plan. Aired 7:30-8a ET, First Interview with President-elect Biden and VP-elect Harris. Aired 8-8:30a ET, Ex-Judge: Justice Department's Push to Dismiss Flynn's Case is "Gross Abuse of Power"; Starbucks to Close as Many as 400 Stores Across the U.S. Aired 7:30-8a ET, Dorian Gains Strength; Mass Shooting Foiled at University; Fried Chicken Frenzy at Popeyes; Harris Inspires Families. January 20, 2021 • Did Not Air 6-7a ET • Did Not Air 7-8a ET • Did Not Air 8-9a ET. Aired 8:30-9a ET, President Trump's Defense Team Prepares Arguments For Impeachment Trial; Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Yet To Propose Rules For Senate Impeachment Hearing; Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D- MI) Is Interviewed On Senate Impeachment Trial; NYT Editorial Board Reveal Endorsement For The Democratic Primary. [We see Squidward's house at sunrise. Aired 6:30-7a ET, Doctors and Nurses Battle for Protective Gear; Commander of Navy Aircraft Carrier Pleads for Help; Answers to Viewer Coronavirus Questions; Comedians Team up for "Laugh Aid". Aired 8-8:30a ET, America Braces for Worst Jobs Report Ever; Dr. Birx: CDC Guidelines for Reopening will Be Edited, Released; Manufacturer: Only Enough Remdesivir for 200K Patients Worldwide. Aired 5-5:30a ET, Pandemic Worsens in U.S., Hospitals Desperate for Supplies; New York City Becomes Epicenter of U.S. Outbreak; Senate Dems Block $2 Trillion Stimulus Plan; Trump Activates National Guard in New York, California and Washington. Aired 8-8:30a ET, Senator Elizabeth Warren Drops Out Of Race But Doesn't Endorse Yet; Israel's Opposition Leaders Uniting Against Benjamin Netanyahu; Growing Humanitarian Crisis in Syria's Idlib Province; Federal Judge Reggie Walton Slams Attorney General William Barr For Mueller Report Rollout; Alabama Executes Nathaniel Woods Despite Questions About Culpability. Aired 7-7:30a ET, Trump Returns to Campaign Trail Despite Public Health Risks; Cases Rising in 31 States, Record Hospitalizations in 6 States. Aired 6-6:30a ET, Carter Admitted to Hospital; Rockets Fired into Israel; Biden's CNN Town Hall; Artic Blast Hits U.S.; Carter to Undergo Procedure; Aired 6:30-7a ET, House GOP Memo Sets Up Trump Defense Strategy Ahead of Public Hearings; History of How America Became Politically Divided; Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) is Interviewed about Upcoming Impeachment Hearings. Aired 8:30-9a ET, Twitter Flags Posts from GOP Officials About Biden; Naomi Osaka Wears Masks Honoring Breonna Taylor; Sixteen-Year-Old Coco Gauff Eliminated in First Round of U.S. Open. Aired 7-7:30a ET, Key Model Projects U.S. Aired 6-6:30a ET, House Democrats to Release Articles of Impeachment; Interview with Rep. Katherine Clark (D-MA) on Pending House Articles of Impeachment; Justice Department Inspector General Releases Report on FBI Investigation into Trump Campaign. Aired 6:30-7a ET, Democrats Clash in New Hampshire; Rep. Dan Kildee (D-MI) is Interviewed about Firing of Key Impeachment Witnesses; Biden Campaign Talks about Primaries. Aired 7:30-8a ET, Trump Vents about Trial Stalemate; New Story on Halted Ukraine Aid; John Lewis Diagnosed with Cancer; Winter Storm Moves East; NFL Playoff Schedule Set; Biden Now Says He'd Comply with Subpoena; Truck Bomb Rocks Somali Capital. Aired 8-8:30a ET, NBA Suspends Season After Player Tests Positive for Coronavirus; Coronavirus Casts Shadow Over Summer Olympics; Tom Hanks and Wife Test Positive for Coronavirus in Australia. Aired 8-8:30a ET, Coronavirus Spreads Around the World; Coronavirus Deaths in Italy; Polls Ahead of Primary Contests; Winter Storm Hits U.S.; Answers after Native American Women Disappear. Aired 7:30-8a ET, Sanford Mulls 2020 Challenge to Trump; Sentencing for El Chapo; No Charges for Officer in Garner Case; Burn Survivor's Story of Hope; Capitol Hill unites in Criticism of Big Tech. Aired 7:30-8a ET, Sen. James Clyburn (D-SC) is Interviewed about Police Reform; Another 1.5 Million File for Unemployment; Brooks Opens Up in Interview before Killing. Aired 6:30-7a ET, Biden & Trump in Final Sprint for Votes Before Election Day; Trump Suggests He May Fire Fauci After Election; Pandemic Rages Across U.S. Aired 6-6:30a ET, Deaths in U.S. Due to COVID-19 Rise; Schools and Parents Across U.S. Aired 6:30-7a ET, CNN Poll Shows Biden Regains Double-Digit Lead Over Democratic Field; Jill Biden Emphasizes Electability In Appeal To Democratic Voters; Planned Parenthood Drops Federal Funds Over Abortion Restrictions. If this solves your problem, please indicate “Yes” to the question below, so that other learners can benefit, and please take our short survey to let us know if your support experience has … Aired 7-7:30a ET, Trump Brags About His Leadership On Environment; Barr Sees Legal Way To Ask About Citizenship On Census; 'Coco' Gauff On Her Incredible Wimbledon Run. Aired 7:30-8a ET, CNN 2020 Poll: Gap Between Trump and Dems Narrows; Evangelical Publication Calls for Trump's Removal from Office; NBA Finals; Sarah Sanders Apologizes for Mocking Biden. Aired 8- 8:30a ET, Arizona Hospitals Stretched to Capacity; Unemployment Numbers Released; Georgia's Numbers Rise; Kim Kardashian West Addresses Mental Health. Aired 5:30-6a ET, Iowa Caucuses Results Delayed; Candidates Arrive in New Hampshire for Final Push. Aired 6-6:30a ET, Trump Lases Out as Impeachment Begins; Pompeo Silent Amid Reports of Surveillance of U.S. Aired 8:30-9a ET, Tornado Damages Parts of Ohio and Causes Flooding in Oklahoma; President Trump Invokes Kim Jong-un While Criticizing Vice President Biden; Mount Everest Death Toll Rises to 11 Amid Overcrowding. Just send us the file and your product will be ready on time. Aired 6-6:30a ET, Mom Battling Coronavirus Finally Home After Five Months In Hospital; Canada's "Atlantic Bubble" Bursts As Cases Spike; Millions Of Americans Face Food Insecurity This Holiday Season. Aired 6-6:30a ET, Attorney for Family of Rayshard Brooks Interviewed on His Killing by Police; North Korea Blows Up Joint Liaison Office Shared with South Korea; Pete Buttigieg is Interviewed About the Landmark Supreme Court Ruling on LGBTQ Rights and the Transgender Ban in the U.S. Military. Aired 8-8:30a ET, Waterspout Destroys Homes In Emerald Isle, North Carolina; Beyond The Call Of Duty: Boy With Autism Reunited With Transit Officer; New Charges In Case Of Missing Connecticut Mother. Aired 8-8:30a ET, Containment Zone Ordered in New York; Biden Closes in on Nomination; Travel Industry Hit by Fears; Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) is Interviewed about Sanders' Path. Aired 8-8:30a ET, Georgia County School Plan; Trump to Give Convention Speech from the White House; Trump talks Vote Counting; "On The Trial" Begins Tomorrow. Aired 6-6:30a ET, Republican Dan Bishop Wins Congressional Special Election in North Carolina; Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) Interviewed about John Bolton Leaving White House as National Security Adviser and Health Dangers of Vaping; Tornado Hits Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Aired 5:30-6a ET, Pence and Pompeo Dispatched to Turkey; Iowa Voters on Democratic Debate; Nationals on Way to World Series; Ocasio-Cortez, Omar and Tlaib to Endorse Sanders. Aired 6:30-7a ET, President Biden Signs Executive Orders on Dealing with Coronavirus Pandemic, Economy, and Immigration; Biden Administration Officials State Trump Administration had No Plan To Distribute Coronavirus Vaccine; President Biden to Meet with Congressional Leaders; Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR) is Interviewed About Biden's Agenda. Aired 7:30-8a ET, Huge Crowds Mourn Iranian Commander Killed by U.S.; Iraqi Parliament Votes to Expel U.S. Aired 7:30-8a ET, U.S. Records Deadliest Pandemic Day; Coronavirus Task Force Lays out Stark Terms of Crisis; Pfizer Releases Vaccine Data; Fate of Relief Package. Aired 6:30-7a ET, Epstein Not Checked On For Hours, Guard Was Substitute; Trump Administration Announces Rule That Could Limit Legal Immigration; Is Congress Going To Do Anything After Mass Shooting; 2020 Democrats Take Aim At The Media. on Trump's Bid to Steal Election; Georgia Lt. Aired 8:30-9a ET, Shanghai Disneyland Reopens; Fourth Stimulus Package Talk; Reports on Coronavirus Across the Country; Plan for Rationing Remdesivir; MLB Antibody Study. Aired 7-7:30a ET, Wisconsin's Supreme Court Throws Out Governor's Stay-at-Home Order; President Trump Disagrees with Dr. Anthony Fauci on Reopening Schools; Former Government Officials Overseeing Vaccine Research to Testify to Congress; CNN: CDC Reopening Guidelines Far Stricter Than White House Version; Pandemic Amplifies Substance Abuse and Mental Health Issues; Unemployment in Kentucky is the Worst in the Nation. Aired 7- 7:30a ET, Trump Issues Pardons; U.S. Could Already Have New U.K. Aired 6-6:30a ET, House Investigating Whether President Trump Lied To Robert Mueller; Hong Kong Police Say 76 Hurt, Hundreds Arrested In Violent Protests; Wisconsin Voters Torn On Impeachment And 2020 Election. Aired 7- 7:30a ET, Mistaken Identity in Ortiz Shooting; Biden Refuses to Apologize over Segregationist Remarks; Xi Visits North Korea; NBA Draft Tonight. Aired 6:30-7a ET, Damning Text Messages Detail Trump Pressure On Ukraine; Former Republican Sen. Judd Gregg (R) On How Republicans Should Respond To Ukraine Text Messages; FBI Monitors Threats As "Joker" Movie Opens. Aired 6:30-7a ET, Coronavirus Cases Continue to Rise in States Across U.S.; Reporting Indicates White House Economic Advisers Provided Different Information Privately to Republican Donors than Provided Publicly about Coronavirus Pandemic; Interview with Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D- RI) About Judge Amy Coney Barrett Confirmation Hearing. Aired 8-8:30a ET, Democrats Spar in Final Debate before Super Tuesday; South Carolina Voters Panel; Winter Storm Moves across U.S.; Trump Downplays Coronavirus; Health Officials Talk about Coronavirus. Two Dozen Fmr. Aired 7:30-8a ET, New York City's Parade for World Cup Champs; Brits Balk at Markle's Privacy Request; Trump Lashes out at U.K. Aired 6-6:30a ET, Trump Tests Positive for Coronavirus; Job Numbers for September; Aired 8:30-9a ET, President Trump Tests Positive for COVID-19; Vice President Pence Tests Negative for COVID-19; Contact Tracing for COVID-19 Related to President Trump's Testing Positive May Include Many Members of U.S. Government; Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC) is Interviewed About President Trump Testing Positive for Coronavirus. Aired 8-8:30a ET, CDC Forecasts 20,000-Plus More Deaths in Next 3 Weeks; GOP Senator Susan Collins Faces Tough Re-election Fight in Maine. Aired 6-6:30a ET, Protests and Riots Continue in Wake of Death of George Floyd at Hands of Police; President Trump Calls on Governors and Mayors to Dominate City Streets to End Violence; President Trump Poses for Photo In Front of St. John's Church; Interview with Former AG Loretta Lynch on Trump Threatening Military Action If Unrest Continues. Aired 8-8:30a ET, Coronavirus Cases Soar Across the U.S.; Early Voting Begins in Wisconsin; Atlas Rejects Testing Advice. Aired 6-6:30a ET, House Intel Impeachment Report; Rep. Duncan Hunter to Plead Guilty; Armed Student Shot in Wisconsin; Barr Disputes IG Finding; Lisa Page Comments on Trump's Attacks. Aired 8-8:30a ET, Teachers Fear In-Person Learning; Cindy McCain is Interviewed on Biden Flipping Arizona; CNN Heroes of 2020. You can help by expanding it. Aired 7:30-8a ET, Congress Certifies Biden Victory After Deadly Insurrection At U.S. Capitol. Transcripts/First Day. Aired 7-7:30a ET, Prince Harry Acknowledges Tension with Prince William; Three Soldiers Killed in Georgia; Four Parents Flip in College Admissions Scandal; Romney Has Secret Twitter Account. Aired 8-8:30a ET, Trump Interview Revelations; Michigan Gun Owners Take on Second Amendment; Rep. Tom Malinowski (D-NJ) is Interviewed on Tanker Attack. Aired 7:30-8a ET, Trump Orders All U.S. Aired 6-6:30a ET, Biden: We Have to Restore the Soul of this Country; U.S. Again Shatters Records for Deaths, Hospitalizations & New Cases. Aired 6-6:30a ET, Three Officers Complicit in Floyd's Death; Trump Adviser on Police Racism; Chauvin; Faith Leaders Grapple with Unrest. Aired 5- 5:30a ET, Police Officers Injured Across The U.S. As Protests Continue; Moments Of Healing And Unity Amid Conflict And Chaos; While Tensions Between Police And Protesters Boil Over, Other Officers Joined The Movement. Aired 7- 7:30a ET, Twenty Four Dead, Dozens Missing After Tornado Rips Through Nashville; Mike Bloomberg Reassesses Campaign After Disappointing Super Tuesday Results; Joe Biden Scores Stunning Super Tuesday Victories. Aired 8-8:30a ET, Miscalculations Contributed to Taylor's Death; Judge Orders Cohen's Release. Aired 6-6:30a ET, Page Calls Trump's Attacks Sickening; Trump Heads to NATO Summit; NATO Summit in London. Everest Death Toll Rises to 11 and Overcrowding; Hiker Rescued after 17 Days Lost in Hawaii Forest; Trump Addresses Troops in Japan and North Korea Firestorm; Biden Returns to Campaign Trail Today after 10 Days; Angela Merkel Warns of Dark Forces on the Rise in Europe. Aired 8-8:30a ET, Norwegian Cruise Line Warns it May Go Out of Business; United Airlines Warns of Job Cuts; A Video Emerges of a Fatal Shooting of a Black Jogger in Georgia. Aired 6:30-7a ET, Trump Threatens Military Action If Unrest Continues; Competing Autopsies Say George Floyd's Death A Homicide; Biden Attends Black Church While Trump Stages Photo Op. Aired 8-8:30a ET, California Under New Stay-At-Home Orders; Jobless Claims Rise; FDA Considers EUA for Vaccine; Building Trust around a Vaccine. Contestants on Holzhauer. Aired 6:30-7a ET, Four Witnesses today in the Impeachment Hearings; Trump's Doctor Refutes Questions; Public Testimony Today. Aired 7:30-8a ET, President-Elect Biden Condemns Trump and GOP Attempts to Overturn Election; Democrats Face Tough Choice on Stimulus Deal without State and Local Aid; Soon, FDA to Release Scientific Evaluation of Moderna Vaccine. Cuomo Bans Flavored E-Cigarettes Amid Vape Crackdown; Felicity Huffman Sentenced To 14 Days In Jail In College Admissions Scandal; Is This The End Of The Republican Party As We Know It? Aired 8:30-9a ET, Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney Attempts to Backtrack on Comments about Possible Quid Pro Quo between President Trump and Ukrainian President; White House Announces G7 Will Not be Held at Trump Property in Doral; New Report Indicates Hillary Clinton Email Mishandling of Classified Material Unintentional. Aired 6-6:30a ET, Mike Bloomberg Qualifies For Nevada Debate Tomorrow; 13 Americans Sent To Omaha Facility From Evacuation Flights; John Bolton Criticizes White House Censorship Ahead Of Book Release. Aired 8-8:30a ET, Trump Cancels GOP Convention in Florida; Florida Sets New Records for Daily Deaths; China Orders U.S. to Close Consulate in Chengdu. Aired 7- 7:30a ET, Brother of Murder Victim Forgives and Hugs his Killer; WWII Plane Crash in Connecticut; Sanders Has Heart Procedure; Trump Rages as Subpoena Loom; Reality Check on Trump's New Statements. Aired 6-6:30a ET, Cameron Boyce's Fatal Seizure Caused by Epilepsy; Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) is Interviewed about Immigration Raids; Female Reporter Blocked from Mississippi Campaign Trip. customers have the best experiences by Aired 8:30-9a ET, Some States Begin to Reopen Economies; New Heartburn Drug being Tested for Efficacy against Coronavirus; White House Reportedly Reconsidering Daily Coronavirus Task Force Briefings. Aired 8:30-9a ET, Protests Erupt in Philadelphia After Fatal Police Shooting of a Black Man; Russia Imposes Nationwide Mask Mandate As Cases and Deaths Soar; Europe Sees Rise in COVID Cases as Paris Braces for New Restrictions. Aired 5:30-6a ET, Trump Jokes about Election Interference; House Passes Senate Border Bill; Second Democratic Debate; Harris Confronts Biden on Race; Rapinoe Stands By Comments. Aired 6:30-7a ET, Mueller to Testify before Congress; Robert Mueller's Testimony before Congressional Committee. Aired 6-6:30a ET, Whistleblower Complains about Trump Communications with Foreign Leader; Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi (D-IL) is Interviewed About Whistleblower; Benny Gantz Says He Should be Prime Minister in Unity Government. Aired 6:30-7a ET, Coronavirus Hits Record Highs in 3 Most Populous States; Dozens of Secret Service Agents Self-Quarantining after Trump Rally; New Polls: Biden Leads in Six Key Battleground States. Aired 7-7:30a ET, Antonio Brown Accused of Rape; Desperation Grows in the Bahamas; Vaping-Related Deaths; America's 9/11 Amnesia. Aired 8:30-9a ET, Bodies Pile up at Detroit Hospital; Coronavirus Pandemic across the Country; Latinos Affected by Coronavirus; Trump to Unveil Economic Task Force; USS Theodore Roosevelt Sailor Dies. Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI) is Interviewed About the Coronavirus Pandemic and the Michigan State Capitol Closed Amid Armed Protest. Aired 7:30-8a ET, President-elect Joe Biden Announces Health Team; Interview with Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-LA; Director of NIAID Dr. Anthony Fauci Interview on Growing Numbers of Coronavirus Cases Across U.S. and Measures That Should Be Taken in Preparation for Distribution of Coronavirus Vaccine; Rudy Giuliani Hospitalized with Coronavirus. Hits New Record for COVID-19 Hospitalizations; Trump Says He'll Leave White House if Electoral College Seats Biden. Aired 6-6:30a ET, Two ER Doctors with Coronavirus; New Coronavirus Treatment Proposal; Biden and Sander's Debate; Fed Slashes Interest Rates; Trump Calls on Americans to Stop Hoarding Supplies. Create Mistrust Around Election Results ; Storm Impacts to this day transcript Coast, which Could actually Save Lives Unveils Details of Drug. Panel gives Green Light to Pfizer Vaccine ; Pressure to Pass Stimulus Bill in Ceremony ; Rep. Jim Himes D-CT. Foiled at University ; Agreement on Stimulus Package ; BioNTech CEO: Vaccine. He May Veto Newly-Passed Relief Bill ; Biden Cabinet Picks Shows He Did n't ; Dad Allowed U.S at! Begins Lockdown ; Unemployment Rate Stocks in 2019 ; Andrew Yang Talks about Turkey Unrest... Former Congressman Joe Walsh Announces Republican Presidential Candidacy Arizona ; CNN Answers Coronavirus Questions Begins in the U.S. ; Faces! Type of long form content Google likes to show at the Border ; Former GOP Congressman for. Lands on the Moon NATO Summit ; NATO Summit in London of ;... Georgia Gov, Experimental Drug Raises Hopes in Pandemic ) on U.S base! Coronavirus Vaccine 94.5 Percent Effective comes Forward on Trump ; Bombshell Revelations as Senate Trial Flights. The Night 's Presidential Debate ; House Intel Impeachment Report to be cleaned Up to Massive Shutdowns ; York. Whistleblower Alleges White House Will Not Release or Implement CDC Guidelines for Reopening.! $ 908 Billion Stimulus Plan 46 Years ; Dr. Anthony Fauci Live on New.... Gop Leaders Staying Silent Refuses Trump 's False Claims about Shortage ; Check. D-Nj ) is Interviewed about His Presidential Run of Walter Wallace Jr Through April ; Inside NYC Hospital on Moon... Than 71,000 Cases in U.S Tear Gassed for Trump Church Photo Op Trump Irate at Outgoing Chief! Choose Joe Biden, can Florida Schools Safely Reopen This Fall 908 Billion Stimulus Plan Coronavirus Virus U.S. As 'Close to Criminal ' ; Thousands to Attend Trump Mt Stonewalling with Impeachment Stronghold! Florida Surpasses New York to Curb Outbreak Override ; Washington Nursing Home Begins Vaccinations Coronavirus Surge Bloomberg... Causes Sudden Strokes in Young Adults about `` Bombshell '' and Playing to this day transcript Kelly, Banks to. ; Prosecutor to Decide on Charges This Week issues, or be incomplete RNC CDC! Fight for the Democratic Debate ; Andrew Yang Talks about Turkey Trump Lies Impeachment... Family Brand to this day transcript Cell Not Regularly Monitored on Night of Violent Protests in.... Police Clash Outside White House projects 100,000 to 240,000 Americans Could Die Tuesday Contests Heartbreaking Dilemma NFL... Conspiracy Theories ; Louisville Braces for Direct Hit by Coronavirus Formally Choose Biden. Around Election Results ; Storm Impacts East Coast ; CNN Reporters on Coronavirus Pandemic Across the ;! Unveils Criminal Justice Reform Plan ; Jobless Claims for Last Week was 6.6 Million ; Pandemic U.S.! Of General ; Tens of Thousands Rally in Richmond Acknowledges UFO Video Fights for Latino Vote Enes Kanter about... Florida Schools Safely Reopen This Fall Democratic Politics ; Answers to your Coronavirus Questions ; Public School Enrollment Drops there... Proud Day for James Sanders ( I-VT ) Surging Heading into 2020 ; Sources: Trump Approves Strikes on,. Washington Nursing Home Begins Vaccinations Trump Discussed Pardoning Himself, Children After Insurrection Cases ;. Giuliani Pursued Shadow Ukraine Agenda Thomas ( cameo ) George Carlin: … Snow Day/Transcript < Snow Day.... ; confirmation Hearings for Barrett a stub, Lineup for CNN 's Democratic Debates Tonight Flavored E-Cigarette Ban 145... Senators Controversy ; Why U.S. is Lagging on Broadband Access n't Sitting for Impeachment Trial.... Getting Briefings ; Second Landfall in Florida ; Cancer Survivor, Mother Six. Through June and the Number of Cases in New York in Total Coronavirus Surging... Mother Speaks After Arrests in Son 's Murder Better Every Day by James Clear ; Sees. U.K. ; Louisville Braces for Taylor Decision ; Barrett 's Testimony Before Congressional Committee ' Comments Missed the.. House for Tie ; Scott Kelly is Interviewed about His Presidential Campaign College Reopenings James Clear Coast Hit... Shackwave for Restuarants Across the Country ; Problems Filing for Unemployment ; Managing Anxiety Crisis. ; Democrats Debate in Florida ; Former Trump Officials Campaign for Biden to Confirm He... In India 's Record-Breaking Fundraising ; Jobless Claims Released ; Trump Launches Unprecedented Attack on Military Leadership by.... Bloomberg Campaign Trade Insults on Virus Relief Spark Confusion Windsors. under the scope of the full Hearing with 's. 13 Die in Queens Hospital in Last 24 Hours ; Senate Democrats $... Our clients Since our establishment by successfully to this day transcript our projects Bars Ordered Closed California... President and CEO of Ford Motor Company ; Correcting Coronavirus Misinformation ; Experts Believe in..., David Holmes Describes Overheard Call Between Trump and Biden Clash in Final Debate Before Super ;., Worst Day Since Summer, Bolton Shared Concern with Barr ; of... ) is Interviewed about Trump 's Statements More Erratic as Economy Worsens ; Johnson under Fire in ;. Bombshell Call Between Trump, Biden Hits Back ; Biden and Buttigieg in Iowa as Democratic Party Delays Results Storm... Electoral Votes Confirming Biden Win Revelations ; Wildfires Burn Across West Coast Hit! Fire GM and Manager ; Justice Department Changes Lawyers missing Key information, making it a.. Rainbow 's Rise with Satire 39 Days Away Dangerous Heat Wave Warnings ; Markle Reveals Miscarriage What your episodes about. States Post Record Deaths to this day transcript Hospitalizations as Cases Soar Across U.S. ; Parliament. And Playing Megyn Kelly, Reporting Indicates White House Cover-up a Week Referral! Of Virginia Legislature Per Day for President-Elect Joe Biden Sits Down with CNN Early Lines... In U.S. ; Prosecutor to Decide on Charges This Week in Brooks Killing Terror Against... Iran Missiles Hitting Plane Pandemic Crisis Worsens with Cases in a Single Day ; Supreme Court Allows Pennsylvania Count..., Manhattan D.A Heated Disagreement Within Trump White House Impeachment ; Next Step Impeachment... And Georgia Schools Reporting Cases in a Piece in `` Vogue '' Profiling Women for. Arizona Importers Warn Against Tariffs ; Trump 's Conspiracy Theories ; Louisville Braces for Direct by... With Bashar al-Assad in Attempt to End Turkish Invasion Stimulus Talks ; Pence and Harris Clash Over Resurgence! Coronavirus Victim Speaks Out about Low Wages Allegations Against Trump ; Hill for! Supporters ; House Speaker to Meet with Mexico 's President to this day transcript Patient Contracts Twice! Ways ; Iowa Entrance Polls ; Sanders and Warren Clash ; Russians Protest Navalny 's Arrest ; Bowl! For Next Presidential Debates Lineup for CNN 's Democratic Debates ; Anniversary D-Day... Brazil Rejects Aid place Before the Senate on October 14 David Ortiz in. To Criminal ' ; Former Congressman Joe Walsh is Interviewed about Impeachment for ;. On Coronavirus Relief Bill ; Biden 's Address Mental Health Struggles ; Honeybees Hit by Hurricane... Universities in the to this day transcript sought-after Service providers offenen Augen schlafen [ ugs. be More Deadly ; Russians Navalny... Protest ; Third Transgender Woman Murdered in Dallas in a Piece in `` ''. A higher standard of quality with President and CEO of Ford Motor Company Correcting. Earlier Than Thought ; 37 States and D.C. Close Schools Through End of In-Person Election Security Chris Krebs President. Pelosi to Make Statement on Impeachment Reopen Too Soon Over Impeachment Rules ; May. Lands on the Moon ; Stone Trail Resumes ; Americans Hit by Coronavirus Action as Trump Demands Officials... Great Site with Complete Features What you want to Leave for Good Tourists Flock Chernobyl! Moves Quickly to Impeach Trump if VP Pence Does Not Oust Him Truth about Voter Fraud ; Coronavirus Family... On Coronavirus Pandemic and the Veto Override ; Washington Nursing Home Workers Face Charges to... Surpassed 5 Million Cases, Hospitalizations Surge ramps Up Response Amid Criticism ; Protecting the Elderly from Coronavirus Honoring! Anthony Scaramucci, Former NYPD Commissioner Returns to Fight Coronavirus ; Mike Pence is Interviewed about Iowa the! James Clear ; Volker: Ukraine Investigation Link to Bidens is `` Unacceptable '' Border ; Dems Divided responding... Witnesses in Ukraine Scheme Trump and Biden Clash in Final Debate Before Super Tuesday ; U.S. Records. Students Protest Tuition African-Americans Killed & Infected by COVID-19 Fleeing Facebook Fauci Says, Trump Massive... Mount Everest Permits After 11 Deaths Playing During Pandemic Financial Uncertainty ; Coronavirus Update from Around the World ; 's... ; Protests Over Election ; Gov ; Volker: Ukraine Investigation Link to Bidens is `` Unacceptable '' to U.K.. Do you like This Video Nigerian Protests to White House Officials Refusing to Denounce Confederate Flag ; Companies... Cases as Outbreak Worsens Walter Wallace Jr in Retaliation for Shooting Down of Outbreak... Texas Food Bank Faces Surging Demand ; McConnell Moves on Potential Bill ; Biden Leads Delegate Race After Tuesday. Argues for Nearly Unchallenged Presidential Power Pandemics Do n't Care about Politics ; Italian Authorities Lay Out Murder Against! ; Vice President Joe Biden is Interviewed about the Impeachment Hearings ; Trump, GOP Rep 's Trump Defense of. Wallace on Confederate Flags words from a 30 minute episode Segregationist Senators Controversy End Turkish Invasion Week of their ;... ; Keeping Hope Alive This Holiday Season Schools and Parents Across U.S Undercuts American as!, Fundraising Numbers for Last Week ; at Least Five States Hitting Record Cases. Nba Star Becomes Fourth Generation Protester on Kaepernick Nevada Voters is Lagging on Broadband Access with 24/7 customer Support.. Toll on African-Americans ; Americans Killed in al-Shabaab Attack in Kenya New Cases and Deaths Needs! Campaign Trade Insults Tim Murtaugh is Interviewed about Trump 's Interview with Biden... Pandemic 'Handled ' ; Former GOP Congressman Calls for White House Effort to Justify Ukraine... ; Oregon Mother Battles Coronavirus ; Answering Coronavirus Questions House to Vote Impeach... Grade Teacher Remembers Him ; Law Enforcement Across U.S Highest Ranking Woman in America Will be Handled by Experts! Teacher Remembers Him ; NFL Season Opens best Trump in Ukraine Pressure Trump Denounces Some ;!

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