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Tanya is the the 2016 “BEST ACTRESS IN A SUPPORTING ROLE” Winner of the Nollywood African & Film Critics Awards (NAFCA) aka the “African Oscars” for the dynamic role she played in the Nollywood film “MUDA: When Time Is All That Matters”. She is also the recipient of the 2016 “Movie Actress of the Year” award at the Newsome Awards in Baltimore Maryland. She also received the 2016 “Recognition Award” for her work as lead actress and producer of the feature film thriller “The1Closest2U” at the Piton International Film Festival in St. Lucia. Tanya is a first generation Carribean American ACTRESS & PRODUCER, born and raised in the Bronx, New York. Tanya got her start in the performing arts at the tender age of 5 taking classical piano lessons as well as ballet and tap. The rush Tanya received while on stage was a feeling that would never leave her. Tanya took her first drama class in high school and it was then that she caught the acting bug! She did extremely well in that class, so much so that she received the coveted “Drama Award” at her high school graduation. This gave Tanya the confidence she needed to know that a career in film was her destiny. Upon graduation, Tanya set out to find her first acting gig. She landed a background “extra” role in the FOX hit TV series “NY Undercover”! The feeling Tanya got on the set with the cast and crew was like no other. She knew she wanted to do this full time. However, being from a conservative family, she was encouraged to take a more traditional career path that would ensure stable salary and benefits. Tanya took a step away from the spotlight to do just that. She went on to graduate with a Bachelors Degree in Accounting from Berkeley College. This degree helped her land a “stable job” as an Accounting Manager working alongside the CFO at the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences aka “THE DAYTIME EMMY AWARDS”. Tanya worked her way up to Director of Finance as well as the dual role of Director of Special Events. Tanya is the FIRST AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMAN TO BE PROMOTED TO A DIRECTOR TITLE AT THE “DAYTIME EMMY AWARDS”. One of the perks of working with the “Daytime Emmy Awards” is that Tanya was not only able to help plan the annual red carpet award show; but she was also able to attend. Every year Tanya would look at the actors of the various Daytime shows getting awarded for what she wanted to do, which was ACT! She no longer wanted to “play it safe”. Tanya decided to take her career in her own hands and left the Emmys to pursue her acting career full-time. She has since worked on numerous films and has not only been in front of the camera but has now started working “behind the lens” as well. Tanya has most recently had the honor of acting in as well as Co-Producing multiple major feature films which includes the incredibly talented Clifton Powell (Ray), Malik Yoba (Empire), Taral Hicks (A Bronx Tale, Belly), Malik Whitfield (If Loving You Is Wrong, The Temptations), Claudia Jordan (Real Housewives of Atlanta), Omar Gooding (Baby Boy, Barber Shop, Smart Guy) and a host of others. She is using all of her experience she gained as an on-camera actress as well as her financial/business background from the Emmys to help other Directors bring their vision to life as one of the Producer’s on their projects. This makes Tanya a very valuable asset on any production she is a part of both in front of the camera as well as behind-the scenes.


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